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If you’re on this page, then it means you’ve been invited to participate in our upcoming “Fulltime Music Academy” & "BookLive" affiliate program launch.

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I looking for BookLive Ambassadors to partner with as we launch and grow this amazing community of "Fulltime Musicians."

I believe your friends and your audience and the musicians you work with will benefit from the power of BookLive and our coaching programs inside of Fulltime Music Academy.

I believe deeply that music business education is the missing link in most musicians' training and when you help me spread the word about BookLive, I will pay YOU 30% LIFETIME residual commissions on anyone who subscribes to BookLive & the Fulltime Music Academy Academy using your affiliate link.

Both BookLive and Fulltime Music Academy are a monthly membership where our members each pay anywhere from $40 - $500/month for continued access to our software, courses and private online coaching.

When you sign up to be a BookLive Ambassador, you will get special affiliate links to our products and workshops. When someone signs up using your link, our system attributes their purchase to you, and automatically calculates your 30% commission.

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Important Next Steps For You To Crush It...

There are some VERY important steps to make sure you make the most of this opportunity.

Step #2

If you have questions or need any help getting started, please connect with my business partner Jared Judge to answer any questions, to get tips on how best to maximize your affiliate potential and to make sure you have everything you need to build up this new residual income stream!!!

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