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Episode 200 - 100k For One Gig

Monday, October 23, 2023

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Episode Recap

In this episode, Jared Judge shares exciting insights from his recent experience at a marketing conference, Funnel Hacking Live. He delves into the valuable lessons he learned about marketing as a musician and the key takeaways that can help you advance your music career.

Best Quote

"I asked him, 'How much did it cost to get Andy Grammer to play at this event?' And he said, 'I can't tell you the exact figure, but I can tell you that to hire this caliber of artist for an event like this, it would be anywhere from $100,000 to $2 million for that performance range."


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Hey, what's up gigging pros!! It's Jared Judge. Welcome back to another episode of The Gigging Musician Podcast.

I'm so excited for this one, because I just got back from a four day long marketing conference. And I love learning about how to market myself as a musician better. I believe that that is the pathway to making a living doing what I love.

And I believe that's the pathway for you to do what you love and make a living doing it. So the past four days were energizing, exciting, inspiring. I got lots of good tactics. And you've probably noticed my voice is a little hoarse.

I feel like I got a cold on day one, but it was not too bad. It really just affected my voice. Last time I went to this last year, I actually wound up getting COVID At the conference or probably on the plane ride to the conference.

And I was sick at the conference, which was no bueno. This time, I felt better. Just had a miniature cold. So I'll count that a win.

But anyway, I'm going to do like a miniature recap of this conference called Funnel Hacking live run by none other than Russell Brunson, and his co founder at Click Funnels, Todd Dickerson, and these are like, people call it the Super Bowl of online marketing conferences.

Because, well, all the best of the best are there. And you get to learn from the best. I'm not gonna go too much into like all the different presentations, partially because I don't have my notes here on my walk while I'm recording this.

But also partially, because you know, I don't know, there's there was so much, they don't want to overwhelm you. The one thing that I got that was like, the best possible thing I could have gotten for musicians was I actually got a chance to sit down with the organizer of this event.

This event, I will listen to there were 5000 attendees. That's how many tickets they sold. It was in a really gigantic ballroom at the Marriott World Resort in Orlando. And it was a multimillion dollar event. It was a big production.

They spent lots of money on this event. And it was organized by a company called SAGE events, who the company that put this on, hired sage events to put it on.

And sage events is a company that puts on these, like hundreds of these events every single year for people like Tony Robbins, and all like the big name people in I don't know in the in the world.

So they've got tons of experience, putting on these events, and hiring musicians. And I was like, Holy crap, if I had a chance to sit down with the main organizers of this group, and ask them about corporate gigs.

How insanely valuable would that be for my members for the musicians I work with to know? How do you get to play at these kinds of events? What is it like marketing yourself to them? How much should you charge.

And the funny part is, at this event, they had a closing concert, where they hired Andy Grammer, which if you're not familiar with Andy Grammer, check him out. He's huge, you know followings in the millions.

He is multi, multi gold record winning. And they hired him. And the crazy part was, I did get to sit down with the organizer of this event. Sage events is run by a husband and wife duo, Berry and blue, blue his his name.

And their last name is bomb gardener. And I don't know, I was feeling bold and inspired, that I was walking right by blue one day of the conference. And I said to him, Hey, I run a community of musicians, a Fulltime Music Academy who would like to perform at corporate events?

Could I maybe bar you for a couple minutes and pick your brain about playing at these kinds of events? And crazily enough, my bold is paid off. And he said yes.

And I got to sit down with him recorded a video interview, which we're going to be sharing Fulltime Music Academy at some point soon. I can't share it on this podcast.

But if you're interested, you could join full time he's got me go to or Open The Gig Vault and they could let you in and show it to you.

Anyway, there were a couple of golden nuggets that I wanted to share with you. I first off I asked him, How much did it cost to get into grammar to play at this event like a private performance by Hindi grammar.

And he said I can't tell you the exact figure. But I can tell you that to hire this caliber of artists. For an event like this. It would be anywhere from the 100,000 dollar $2 million for that performance range, which my mind was blown.

I don't know if yours is, yes, want to make $100,000 to a million dollars per performance? Well, the Andy grammer or someone of that caliber, you know, there's a lot that goes into that.

And the reason why these big name artists can demand so much, is because they're big name artists. Right?

Like, nobody has really heard of extreme strings, electric violins and decided like, Oh, that's a big name artists, I'm going to pay them six figures for one performance.

No, that's, that is why the, you know, original artists path can pay off in a very huge way. But how many handy groomers are there out there? Not that many, like he spent years building up a massive following.

He's just got this amazing energy and persona to him onstage that his performances are addictive. Or he captivates the audience. He is a darn good musician. His voice is incredible. He also played like four instruments on stage.

And all of them really well. In fact, one of those instruments was, he is a very talented beatboxer. I don't know if you guys knew that.

So he's built a massive following sold, you know, millions of copies of his albums, one of the top streaming artists on Spotify and the other platforms.

And so because he had built that he'd spent the years and the time doing that, you know, he has the credentials to be hired for six figures, up to seven figures per gig. But a cover artist like me, probably won't get there.

And I'm okay with that. Because one of the other gold nuggets I took away from this interview with blue.

Baumgardner was the I asked him, you know, what about musicians like me, either, say, I wanted to play at one of the receptions at one of these events, what is the typical rate that you've seen at these events.

And he says, You know, I would expect to pay roughly $500 an hour per person, which that is pretty in line with what I've been teaching in Fulltime Music Academy.

So a lot of what he said was very validating of a lot of the ideas that I have had, just from my experience, looking and performing these corporate events. And it was so nice to have that external validation.

Right, this guy, he literally puts together the events that Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson that they're they're at so he, he knows he is at that level.

I asked him, like, how do we get found by these event planners, and he gave me some great ideas, a lot of which I had already covered in the Corporate Gig Challenge, including, you know, just sending cold outreach to corporate event planners and destination management companies.

And he also mentioned Convention and Visitors bureaus, which that's when I haven't quite covered, but like, you know, convention centers.

And like, big ballrooms like this Marriott Orlando World Resort would be on the reader of a Convention and Visitor's Bureau. Those would be the people who would like recommend a musician to the event planner.

So that was another insightful gold nugget. And I think what I'm going to do, is I think I'm going to host another Corporate Gig Challenge very soon. And in the VIP room, I think that Well, I haven't quite decided, either I want to share the video in the VIP.

Because if you get the VIP then you get a free 30 day trial of Fulltime Music Academy, or do I just want to share it in the general admission, I'll have to make that decision before I run it, but we will be running it again soon.

So if you're interested, go to And get your seat for our next Corporate Gig Challenge because that's starting pretty darn soon and you don't want to miss that out.

Especially when I show that video. It's gonna blow your minds. Other things from this conference? Well, the big thing that they just kept reinforcing over and over again, is you have to let people know about your services.

You have to let people know you exist. You've got to generate interest and traffic. And it really there are two ways to do that which I've covered on this podcast they cover and Fulltime Music Academy.

One is by organic social media. So building up your social media, posting consistently multiple times in a week, sometimes multiple times in a day, if you've got that capacity.

Or the other way, we'd be paying to get the word out there about that, which is through paid ads. Right? I've covered that too, in this podcast, and it Fulltime Music Academy.

And they just said, you know, if you don't have the life that you want, if you're not selling enough of the gigs that you want the services that you're putting out, it's mainly because you just haven't let enough people know that you exist.

And you're not making them enough offers or offers that are appealing to them. And so that's gonna be my big focus for this next month, is I'm gonna double down on social media.

I'm also going to double down on reaching out to corporate event planners and private event planners and wedding planners. And just letting them know I exist. Like, I feel like I do a lot already, but it is never enough.

I need to, I don't know, 10 exit, I need to do more, I need to do better quality. I need to get better videos, which my video is already pretty good. But I think I want to make a compilation video.

That was another gold nugget from my interview was what kind of promo materials do these corporate event planners want to see? And he basically said, you know, the video tells the whole story. So show us your best stuff.

He didn't like I asked him should we have multiple genres in it, he's like, doesn't matter to show your best stuff. One of the things that he really emphasized was important, was the quality of the sound.

He even suggested it recording directly from the board, if you will, you know, have a mixing board and are able to do that. But yeah, video is king.

So that's a I'm going to be coaching a lot of my Fulltime Music Academy students on getting better video. Or if you have video, how to pick and choose the best ones, and edit it into a sizzle reel that showcases your best stuff.

Just trying to think any other little gold nuggets. Oh, during this conference, I actually started a newsletter called The gigging musician newsletter. And you can sign up for that totally free.

And you'll get some up to date articles of what's happening in the music world. I sent out our first one last week. It was Latin Music Month, though, we did a little focus on Latin music, which sales have picked up for Latin music during this month, which is awesome.

And it's a trend over the years, or a recent trend. But music is definitely getting more market share. We're going to talk about gear. And then I also in this new newsletter, want to feature your upcoming gigs.

So when you get the newsletter, you'll see there's a section with upcoming gigs. simply reply to the newsletter. Let me know when your upcoming gigs are where they're at. And it'll be broadcast to our gigantic list.

So hopefully, you'll get some more people coming to your shows. All right, well, this was an incredible week, I still have to like read through my notes process out what is my next action step already have a lot of action steps.

But it was so inspiring. I believe 100% and consistently sharpening your saw, and just learning as much as you can. And then not just learning, but implementing what you learn on a daily basis. And that's been consistent.

So I'm going to work on my consistency, especially in the marketing and business world for my music. And I hope that this inspires you to be more consistent in your music marketing.

So if you want in on that Corporate Gig Challenge before it is too late, because we only leave the replays up until the Monday after the challenge ends and then they're gone. Then you got to go and register right now.

That is And I cannot wait to see you in our next Corporate Gig Challenge. And then you get to see that really cool video. So hope you enjoyed this.

Let me know if you have any questions about Funnel Hacking Live, or any of the things I touched upon. And we'll chat again soon. Thanks for tuning in to another episode of The Gigging Musician Podcast.

Remember "Your music will not market itself!" Bye everybody.

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