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Perfect for musicians who are hired by a bandleader.

  • ​View Your Upcoming Performances
  • ​Receive Performance Requests
  • ​View Setlists​
  • ​Download Sheet Music​
  • ​Get Paid



Perfect for solo acts, bandleaders and group managers.

  • ​Book Performances
  • ​Automatically Schedule Musicians
  • ​Build Setlists​
  • ​Distribute Sheet Music​
  • ​Credit Card Processing (2.9% + 30¢/transaction)
  • ​Write Contracts
  • ​Get On Preferred Vendor Lists
  • ​BONUS: Music Marketing Courses
  • ​BONUS: Private Facebook Community

BookLive Gives You Everything You Need To Market, Book And Perform Your Music…

Contract Management

Streamline the creation, sending, and signing of contracts (Seal the deal!)

Gig Payment Collector

Automate deposit and final balance collection (Secure your payments!)

Music Library Organizer

Organize and share your repertoire with ease (Keep your songs in order!)

Review Collector

Automatically gather and manage reviews after each gig (Boost your reputation!)

Partnership Builder

Discover and build relationships with venues and event planners (Expand your opportunities!)

Resource Library

Access a wealth of industry resources and guides (Stay informed!)

Fulltime Music Academy Facebook group

Connect and collaborate with fellow musicians (Join our community!)

Fulltime Music Academy Courses

Unlock exclusive training on music marketing (Level up your skills!)

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