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Episode 118 - The Fulltime Music Challenge

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

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Episode Recap

In this episode, Jared shares the upcoming Fulltime Music Challenge this January.

Best Quote

"But 2023 gigs are going to start booking immediately. In fact, I've already booked many 2023 gigs and even some 2024 gigs already. But I will say that the majority of 2023 gigs will be booking in 2023, which means it is now the perfect time to get ahead of that, you know with with all the high paying gig types like weddings and corporate events and nonprofit events."


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What's up gigging pros. Welcome to another episode of The Gigging Musician Podcast. My name is Jared Judge and I am your host. So we are coming off of the tail end of the Christmas holiday and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, spend time with family and friends had good food, and got good presents. Hopefully, there were some musical items under the tree for you.

I have a special present for you all. So today's episode is going to be a little bit different.

Because you know, I've got something coming up early 2023, that I wanted to share with you that I'm feeling very passionate about that I just feel like, it's going to help you set your 2023 in motion for your music career in a way that nothing else will.

And so that is the Fulltime Music Challenge. Starting January 9, I will be hosting what's called the Fulltime Music Challenge.

It is a free five day challenge that is designed to give you clarity and help you come up with a plan for your music career that, you know, we'll theoretically help you earn a full time income with just your music.

Now, I know if you're not interested in a full time, income, just from music, you don't have to quit your main job.

But even if you just want to turn that faucet on just a little bit more and book, a couple extra gigs here and there, make a couple extra $100, maybe a couple extra $1,000, then this challenge could be the thing that you need to give you that plan.

If you've listened to any of the episodes. Before this, you know that I'm very passionate about helping musicians make money with their music. Because I just I'm a musician, myself, I'm in it. I'm in the trenches with you.

I know how hard it is. And I also know how much fun it is to be onstage playing your music, and how much how rewarding it is to get paid handsomely for that.

And so with all those things in mind, you know, 2022 is over, we are just finishing up the year here, I hope that you had a great year full of gigs and success with your music.

But 2023 gigs are going to start booking immediately. In fact, I've already booked many 2023 gigs and even some 2024 gigs already.

But I will say that the majority of 2023 gigs will be booking in 2023, which means it is now the perfect time to get ahead of that, you know with with all the high paying gig types like weddings and corporate events and nonprofit events.

Once that ball drops in Times Square, and midnight hits, the year changes from 2022 to 23. All of a sudden, their minds are now focused on the events that are going to happen in the year.

And you know, I'm mainly a wedding musician, although I do play all of the other four big four high paying gig types that I talk about here on the podcast.

But what I've noticed every single year is that January is the month that I have the highest number of people reaching out to me asking me to play their weddings.

And so January is just crazy with the number of leads that come into my email inbox. And the five day challenge, the full time music challenge is designed to help you increase that number for yourself if it's not high enough.

And then what do you do with those leads once they come in? Because the big possibility is they'll come in, you respond to them saying, Yeah, we're available to play your event in July, here's our price. And then they ghost you. They don't respond to you.

You're left wondering, was there something wrong with what I did? Or do they not like me. And really it the reality is, is probably neither of those things, it's just that you have to stay on top of them.

And you have to reply with a kind of message that generates a response from them.

So that's what the Fulltime Music Challenge will help you do is to come up with this plan that will kick off your year in the right way and help you generate those high paying performance opportunities. For 2023.

It's five days of action packed content each day is something different. In fact, if you want to see what the full schedule is, you can check it out at That's 'Fulltime' one word, there's no dash between full and time. It's just

And then another really cool part about the challenge that to me makes it one of the most fun challenges aside from the fact that you know what helps you make money with your music, is the fact that there are contests in the challenge.

We are hosting a couple different styles of contests. One for teams, which means musicians from across the country will kind of form miniature teams over the course of the challenge and earn points by completing actions. Those actions could be anything from like you

You know, research the gig market in your community or, you know, draft an email or something like that, you know, I haven't designed all of those actions yet. But all of them are designed to help you propel your music career forward.

So that's the group challenge, then there's also an individual competition as part of this challenge to where one individual musician from the challenge will win a Grand Prize valued at $1,000.

So if you want to learn about that the competition as well, that is detailed at and any other questions, you can always reach out to me at my email or shoot me a message on my Instagram at Jared judge.

So I really would encourage you to try out the Fulltime Music Challenge is totally free action packed with content that's going to propel your music career forward and set you up for success in 2023 give you a head start over other musicians.

And it'll be so much fun. You'll get to know other musicians across the country.

We actually have had musicians from like United States from Canada and Mexico join our previous challenges to which has been so cool to see the the gigging perspective from other countries.

So it's gonna be a good time, you can win some really cool prizes. And at the end of the day, it's going to help propel your music career. So sign up absolutely free at And I cannot wait to help you personally with your music career.

All right, thanks again for listening to another episode of The Gigging Musician Podcast. Hope you have a happy holiday, a wonderful new year, and remember, you are just one gig away.

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