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Episode 135 - My First Public Gig in Colorado

Tuesday, May 09, 2023

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Episode Recap

In this episode, Jared shares his experience of playing a public gig and how he got the opportunity through online directories like Thumbtack. He discusses the importance of reinvesting a percentage of your earnings back into your music career to cover expenses like equipment, repairs, marketing, and more. Jared also talks about the benefits of playing public events, which can turn into private events and even new opportunities, like a potential Christmas luncheon gig he was offered. He shares tips on optimizing your online profiles to increase your chances of being hired and how he recorded his gig to create content for social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Overall, Jared's experience highlights the importance of being open to different opportunities and utilizing various marketing strategies to grow your music career.

Best Quote

"If you're not taking a percentage of your gigs and reinvesting it into the company of the band, which, yes, your band or your solo act, is a company, wherever we treat our music careers as businesses on The Gigging Musician Podcast, if you're not giving a percentage back, then you are fast-tracking your music career into bankruptcy."


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Hey, what's up gigging pro! Its Jared Judge welcome back to another episode of The Gigging Musician Podcast, I am actually in my car for the first time in a while on my way to a venue tour going to make that partnership with a new private event venue and get on their preferred vendor list.

But that's not what I'm chatting with you about a day reason why I'm in my car today, by the way, instead of you know, I post workout from the gym actually hurt my wrist lifting a couple days ago, and I've been taking a little break from the gym, just to let my hand heal.

So that's what we're doing right now we're driving on the way to that venue tour. But today, I want to chat with you guys about a really cool marketing concept.

That is definitely not new. However, most musicians don't use it and probably have not heard about it where they have wondered How the heck can you apply this to your music. And that is the concept of a lead magnet.

So lead magnet two words L-E-A-D. And then second word is magnet. The whole goal of a lead magnet. And that's why I love its name is to magnetically attract leads. So if you don't know what a lead is, well, you're in for a treat.

A lead is somebody who has given you their contact information, because they are interested in what you've got to offer. Think of all of the musical things that you want to get out there in the world. But you just don't know how to get the word out there.

If only you could get people raising their hand giving you their contact information becoming leads for the things that you actually want to sell them. Whether that's merch whether it's a private event gig, whether that is an album, whether that's private lessons you want to get people interested in paying you for private lessons.

Well, getting leads is super important for that, that is like one of the whole, one of two very important goals of marketing is generating leads, the second one is selling something to those leads, we're not focused on the selling today, we're gonna focus on generating those leads, because you want leads, right.

This is actually one of the main goals of marketing. I mentioned that before. A lead magnet is a specific tool. Usually it is a free giveaway of an information perhaps in the form of a PDF, perhaps in the form of a video.

Perhaps it is even something that you physically mail them like a copy of your album or something like that. But it's free, all they have to do is pay for it with their email address or other form of contact information.

So a lead magnet is the free information that you give somebody in exchange for their contact information. This works for everything. So for example, for my wedding based electric violin act, one of the lead magnets that I give away is the ultimate wedding music playlists.

This is a compilation of playlists that I have created based on my decades of playing violin at weddings. And it shortcuts, the process for a bride and groom to actually plan out the music for their wedding.

People love lead magnets, and you will actually get a lot more people interested in your lead magnets. Then in the chaos sec. Cop just flew by me wasn't for me thought they were pulling me over for being on my phone recording this podcast, but they weren't.

They're just chasing somebody else. Anyway, you will get a lot more people interested in getting your lead magnets rather than booking you because of something called Traffic temperature.

If you think about all the possible people in the world who are able to, you know, purchase what you're selling, whether that's a gig or lessons or something else, you know, there you have varying degrees of knowing you and liking you and trusting you.

Some of them are like your best friends, they would buy anything that you put out. Those are your hot traffic temperature people and they are hot because they know you they like you they would buy whatever you are putting putting out.

Then there are what's called a warm temperature, which maybe they've heard of you. And maybe they had a good experience with you so far, but they're not quite ready to buy something they're not ready to sign a contract with you.

But they are warm, they know you it's not your first time encountering you. And then there's cold traffic. cold traffic are people who do not know you. These people have never encountered you before they don't know you exist.

And honestly there is a lot more cold traffic people out there than there are warm and hot people. So those are your biggest opportunity. However, they are the hardest to get to because they're so cold. You have to really start a relationship with them from scratch.

So instead of reaching out to these cold traffic people and saying, Hey, you don't know me, but give me $1,000 for a gig, or hey, you don't know me, but, you know, put me in a room with your 13 year old child, and I'll give them guitar lessons. Right? It's kind of awkward it is.

They're not ready for that yet. So a lead magnet solves this, because it's lower commitment. It's like asking somebody out on a date, rather than asking them out on marriage. And so that's why on your website, you can put a lead magnet.

So basically, you put together a web page that sells people on downloading your lead magnet. You know, in the example of like the 30 year old who wants guitar lessons, you might create a informational PDF about like, what the guitar lessons look like, and what are the benefits of them.

For middle school aged children. Like that would be a great lead magnet, that a parent would put in their email address on your website, download that you now have their email address that you can follow up with, with emails.

And in fact, if you're listening to this podcast, you know, I put out lead magnets for Fulltime Music Academy, you can go to to grab one of those, and then you get put on my email list.

And then I send out emails about once every business day. So if you're already on that list, you probably downloaded one of my lead magnets or registered for one of my presentations.

And so that is a lead magnet, they are not hard to create, especially in today's society, with tools like chatGPT, you can create lead magnets in five minutes, they don't have to look super pretty, they don't have to be professionally designed.

It's always nicer if it is but you can use a tool like Canva to make it look pretty. And yeah, it's super powerful tool, take somebody who doesn't know you starts to develop that relationship with them builds the know, like and trust factor.

And then eventually, they will have encountered your your act and your brand enough times that they're now ready to spend some money on you take that risk. Because you know, what we don't realize as musicians is that these people see giving us money as risky, right?

Like musicians have a reputation that we're always working to break. And that's kind of one of my main focuses of this podcast is to help us break that reputation by being more professional.

However, the sad reality is, is that we have a reputation of not being professional. And so it is seen as a risk to give us money.

That's why you know, this kind of lead magnet and this whole relationship based marketing strategy helps to break down that barrier helps to develop that trust, and in their mind reduces the risk of hey, if I give that musician money, they're going to scam me out of $1,000.

So that is the lead magnet strategy. You can actually check out my lead magnet on There is an example there. That's the ultimate wedding playlist. You can see how I've put that together.

And go ahead and download it see what it looks like, you know, I shamelessly want you to copy my marketing like don't copy the exact words that's plagiarism, but copy the strategy.

And if you do that, I promise you your marketing will be way ahead of other musicians and you'll get more results from it.

By the way, I want you to check out a really cool podcast by one of my buddies. His name is Robonzo. He is a musician himself and he has a he's got a podcast called The Unstarving Musician Podcast.

And I wanted to give him a quick shout out you can find his podcast on any of your favorite podcasting platforms, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. So check it out The Unstarving Musician Podcast by Robonzo.

Alright, thanks again for tuning in to another episode of The Gigging Musician Podcast. Remember, "You are just one gig or one lead magnet away!". Take care everybody. See you next episode.

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