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Episode 136 - You Have To Show Up

Tuesday, May 09, 2023

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Episode Recap

In this episode, Jared emphasizes the importance of showing up, both in life and in music career. He shares his personal experience of overcoming skepticism and taking action to learn marketing strategies that helped him achieve success as a gigging musician. Jared explains the benefits of his Fulltime Music Academy Gold program, which helps musicians pivot into higher-paying private events and provides coaching for marketing and business systems. Jared stresses the need for commitment, accountability, and consistency in showing up to coaching calls and taking action to implement the strategies taught in the program. Jared's message is that showing up is the first step towards success and becoming your best self in all areas of your life.

Best Quote

"Life is too short for mediocrity. But it all starts with taking that first step. That's how you show up."


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Hey, what's up gigging pros! Its Jared Judge, welcome to another episode of The Gigging Musician Podcast.

Today, I want to share with you how so incredibly important it is for you to show up in all aspects of your life and music career.

And this episode comes kind of as a response to one of the musicians in my Fulltime Music Academy Gold program, which by the way, Fulltime Music Academy Gold is a coaching program that I run, where I help gigging musicians pivot into the higher paying world of private events, we help them set up the all that they need to do their marketing systems, their sales systems, and just their business in a way that positions them for those higher paying private event gigs.

And it also tends to magnetically attract other gig types, just like that public gig that I played the other day, which paid me pretty decently for a public gig. So anyway, this is in response to one of my gold members, who signed up over a year ago.

And they have not been showing up to the coaching calls, like one of the biggest parts of this program is we get to work on your your music business together, we hop on Zoom twice a week, they share their screen, we work on their website together, and I am a certified web designer, I am also certified marketing funnel builder.

And so on these calls, I'm literally on their website, dragging and dropping and writing new text, swapping out images, videos, and then having them drive traffic to the website.

Having them initiate partnerships with those private event venues, just like you hear me talk about all the time, when I go on my venue tours, I help them schedule them, they also get access to my assistants, who then send emails on their behalf.

But this musician, they have not been shown up, I'd say they probably showed up to about five or 10% of these coaching calls, which they know they get access to a course which they can follow along and a lot of musicians do follow along, you have a lot of good success out of but I can see they also have not been doing the course modules had the the wizard behind the curtain, they get to see their progress, and it's not good.

And so this musician, they come to me they like email me saying, hey, you know, we can have a concrete plan going forward. If I'm to continue, I need to see some results. And I can tell for you, they're not getting results because they're not showing up. Plain and simple.

So in your life, are you showing up? Are you showing up for the things that matter you showing up for you know, your your kids, when they need you're showing up for your spouse when they need you showing up for your family when they need you? And are you showing up for your business.

Because we do treat our music careers as a business. And if you don't show up for things, I can't help you, I can't force you. It's kind of like in The Matrix. When Morpheus takes Neo to the Oracle. And you know, Morpheus says to Neo, I can only show you the door, you have to be the one to walk through it.

And then of course, Neo accepts Morpheus, this proposition, walks through the door of the Oracle and metaphorically walks through the door of accepting being the one. And then of course, he gets the results of being the one, which you know, he winds up saving Earth.

And all that jazz gets, gets Trinity as his, his girlfriend hat and so forth. And so, you know, a big part of it is you have to accept your identity except your your responsibility in this as like I can only show the musicians the door, you have to be the one to walk through.

And I know a big part of that is overcoming skepticism. Like when I first learned that marketing was the key to growing my private events business. I was very skeptical. I would see all these ads online of people trying to sell me their, you know, courses and eBooks and all this stuff.

And it was like, Whoa, there's so much BS out here. This could never possibly work for me. And as a result, I was being shown the door. But I didn't walk through it. I didn't show up. I didn't you know in in those cases, I didn't pull out my credit card and spend because I was skeptical.

And I kept doing things the way that I thought they should be done, which in many cases was actually not doing anything at all. Like I get that I've been there. And then they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing, but expecting a different result.

And that was me at that time. I guess I was insane. I was I was doing nothing but expecting things to change for me. And they didn't And boy, was that frustrating. It's like, why am I not getting gigs? We're, we're rehearsing.

My act is rehearsing, we're all practicing. We're all great musicians, we're learning new songs. But we weren't doing anything different on the, the marketing and the business side. We weren't showing up.

And then I, of course, at that point had not learned that you could partner with a venue and get on their preferred vendor list. So I wasn't pursuing that. And as a result, we got on zero preferred vendor lists. And no gigs came because of that.

And so then, yeah, eventually, the skepticism started to fade away, because I was getting so frustrated, so fed up with not having gigs without, with not having money to show for my two very expensive music degrees, then I decided I'm going to make a change, I'm gonna make a conscious choice.

And I'm not sure exactly what made me shift, I think it was just the frustration, I was hitting a wall that says, like, Screw this, I'm going to try something different. I'm going to do something that none of my music teachers or colleagues had ever told me about, which was I'm going to dive headfirst into this marketing thing.

I'm going to show up. And so that's when I pulled out my credit card and spent my first money on marketing courses that I remember the first thing that I bought, was $100 challenge. It was called the, what was it called? It was the 30 day funnel challenge or something like that, by Russell Brunson.

And then I started to go through the module, I built a marketing funnel for my gigging String Quartet. And I showed up, I did the work, you just show up every day for 30 days, which, you know, it's no small commitment, because it required me to sacrifice doing other things, those 30 days.

But in the long the grand scheme of things, 30 days is not that much time. And so I decided to show up, and I was going to show up authentically, as going to be present. And I did. So I showed up did the work. And by the end, I had a marketing funnel built, which was a lead squeeze funnel, the same kind of funnel that I teach my musicians.

And of course, the harder part was like when you learn from these non musician marketing people, you have to learn how to apply what they're talking about to music, because they're all teaching you like, if you're a dentist, here's how to get more patients into your dental practice.

You know, if you are a beautician, here's how to get more people showing up and hiring you for makeup services, and so forth. None of them were like, Hey, here's how to get more corporate events. So I had to figure out how to apply it I showed up and did extra work to figure that out.

But I did launch the marketing funnel. Another thing that they taught me was how to drive traffic to that marketing funnel. Because if you don't drive traffic to a marketing funnel, it's like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, except the opposite.

Your Kevin Costner, he gets this message from, you know, somebody in the heavens that says, If you build it, they will come talking about building a baseball field. If you build a baseball field in your corn field, in no middle of nowhere, Iowa, then all these old like spirits of dead, baseball players will will show up and start playing baseball.

Now, that's great in Field of Dreams. But in the world of business, people don't just show up. That is a lie. That is, if you believe that, then unfortunately, you're gonna have bad results. People are not going to show up, they're not going to learn about you, which the biggest challenge I see many musicians faces, people just don't know about you.

And if you don't show up, and let people know about you, then you're not going to change that situation at all. And you're going to continue to be like me, before I started showing up and be frustrated, and consider throwing in the towel. I was considering getting a quote unquote, real person job at that point.

But anyway, during this 30 day challenge, I did show up, I learned how to drive traffic. One of their strategies was really interesting, because as you can probably see, it evolved into my venue partnership strategy. They call it the dream 100

They say that there are at least 100 businesses that exist that currently own your dream client and when they own your gym client, I mean that they have them as customers, they've already spent money with these businesses, they have their contact information.

And they have a position where they could refer and recommend other businesses to help continue them get a better result at the thing that they're they're working on. And so, to me, that's when the wheels started turning, about partnering with venues.

Because the right kind of venues, meaning the private event venues, the ballrooms, the hotels, they already own my dream customer, which is the corporate event planner, the person planning their wedding, the professional wedding planner, the private party, host, etc.

And so I learned from the sounds I showed up, and they made us do an exercise where we had to go and reach out to these people, and basically ask them to promote us. And they said, that would be quirks for every industry.

And some people might be more skeptical to do that than others, which is why it's a numbers game, you have to show up and talk to more people than you actually need. Because some people will say no. And so I decided to show up.

And here's the kicker, like this part was not easy for me, like I'm, I'm a tech geek, the web design part was easy for me, because I had already done it. But this program, the 30 Day Challenge head, every single day, they had like at least an hour worth of office hours.

And it was awesome, because we could show up and ask them for help on specific things, and they would help us. So I would go to these office hours, I would show up. And they would help us with specific challenges on our website.

And then I showed them what I was doing with my dream 100 You know, getting partnership opportunities with these private event venues, and asked for help, too, because I was getting a lot of skepticism, I was getting a lot of No.

And then they I brought the emails to them, I showed them the emails, hey, here are the emails that I've been sending out. And here are the responses I've been getting, or no responses at all. And then these coaching calls, because I showed up, they offered me the tweaks, they helped me rewrite the emails.

And then on the call, they made me send them out. So it got that built in accountability, because I showed up to you. And then once I started sending out their tweaked emails, that's when I started getting responses.

And I started getting people saying yes, and inviting me to come and tour their venue. And then when I show up to those tours, like to hear constant theme show up, show up show up, when I started showing up to these tours, they would I would get added to the preferred vendor list.

And then once I did that, I started getting traffic to the website, inquiries, you know, leads coming into my inbox, and then, you know, booked the gig. So all because I showed up. And so if you're not showing up right now, I get it, life is busy, you might be skeptical.

But if you're especially if you're paying for the program, you know, you're gonna want to use it. Like I didn't design this program, just to get rich. I designed this program to actually help musicians get the result that they want, which is musician expressed that they wanted corporate events and weddings.

And so if you're not showing up, but you paid for the course, you've already overcome your your skepticism, yet, you're still not showing up. And I think that's a mistake. I think that's a mistake that shows up in other aspects of your life.

Because if it's not your best self that's showing up to all of these opportunities. There is a version of you that is showing up to these opportunities. And that version is someone who doesn't commit.

That version of you is somebody who is afraid, that version of you as somebody who just won't get the results for what you're looking for. And so we don't want those less than good versions of ourselves showing up. Because life is too short for that.

Life is too short for mediocrity. And I just want to hopefully this inspires you to show up, because I really do believe in every musician's ability to learn the marketing strategy to implement the marketing strategy, and then to get the results of those high paying gigs.

But it all starts with taking that first step. That's how you show up. You don't have to show up by you know, forcing yourself to go down a black diamonds The slope your very first time skiing. Now, that would be unwise.

But that's why we started on the bunny hill. But you have to show up, you have to rent your skis, you've got to learn, got to show up to your first day of ski school, learn how to make turns, learn how to pizza, instead of french fry, you gotta learn how to go down the bunny hill and take those first steps and show up.

And each time you show up, you get stronger, those muscles that you build, they don't just go away, they don't just atrophy and die. They build over time, and your stamina goes up, your skills go up. And then you start to fly.

It's kind of like when you're learning an instrument, you know, at first playing your first scale or drum set your first rocket pattern. It's hard, it takes a lot of coordination takes a lot of conscious effort.

But as you show up consistently and repeatedly over time, those things that used to be hard for you and conscious efforts, become unconscious and subconscious, where that you don't have to think about them, which enables you to think about more complex things and accomplish more difficult tasks with greater ease.

But it does take showing up consistently over a period of time to get those results. Alright, well, hopefully that was helpful.

By the way, I do have a couple openings for Fulltime Music Academy Gold, or Platinum Coaching Group is actually fully closed right now, we do not have the spots for our Platinum Group, which is one on one with me once a week, but our gold membership, which is group coaching twice a week, and we're considering opening up to three times a week now that is currently open.

But you do have to apply to get in. If you think you're a good fit.

You want to learn these marketing strategies. You want daily accountability, you want you know, assistance personally, where you can share your screen we help build your website, we build your partnerships for you, then I would encourage you to apply to apply go to And there will be a calendar for you to schedule a time to chat with me and we'll see if you're a good fit for the program.

So go to And I would love to meet you personally and help you with your music career. Alright, thanks for listening to another episode of The Gigging Musician Podcast.

Remember, "You are just one gig away!".

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