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Episode 144 - My Secret To Getting So Much Done

Thursday, May 25, 2023

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Episode Recap

In this episode, Jared shares his secret to staying motivated and taking consistent action towards his music career. He emphasizes the importance of working on both mindset and skill set every single day. Jared reveals his daily routine of listening to podcasts on business and mindset while working out, distilling lessons and applying them to his music business and Fulltime Music Academy. He highlights the value of mindset work in developing mental resilience and toughness. Jared also discusses the role of accountability partners and the importance of watching training videos and executing the strategies learned. He encourages musicians to step outside their comfort zones and try new approaches to propel their music careers forward. If you're ready to make progress and get more opportunities, Jared's insights and strategies will inspire you on your journey.

Best Quote

"The key to successful music career is actually just simply more marketing. More people need to know you exist, and then need to know how you can serve them."


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Hey, what's up gigging pros! It's Jared Judge. Welcome to another episode of The Gigging Musician Podcast.

I'm excited to reveal to you guys one of my secrets, how do I get motivated? How do I stay motivated? How do I take so much action towards my music career? And how can you, too. So, as you guys obviously know, from me documenting my journey on this podcast, I do a lot.

Like for my music career, I spend a lot of time out of the practice room, and in wearing my business hat, and growing my music career. And I also have a lot of other things going on, too.

So making time for all of that is a challenge, yet I still do it, you know, every day, I'm taking action towards my goals. And every day, I'm making new connections with event planners and venue owners.

And every day, I'm working on some aspect of my website or working on a new Facebook ad for my, for my string quartet were electric violin act, and how do I do it all? And also, how do I learn how to do all of those things? Because they certainly don't teach any of this in music school.

And the answer is pretty simple. But it has some profound implications. It's that I am constantly, every single day working on both my mindset, and my skill set. So every single day, I am doing a lot towards becoming the kind of person who has a successful music career.

And so every single day, I start my day out, I wake up at about 630 in the morning, which I wasn't always a morning person, I still don't consider myself a morning person.

But you know, I want to, I want to beat out those who don't have this kind of work ethic, it's everyday get up at about 630. And then I go on a walk, or I go to the gym, which I haven't been going to the gym lately, because I'm still recovering from a wrist injury.

But while I am working out, so I'm working on my body, I am also listening to podcasts. I listen to a lot of business and mindset, podcasts, you know, some of which are marketing focused, because I believe the key to successful music career is actually just simply more marketing.

More people need to know you exist, and then need to know how you can serve them. So every day I'm learning marketing.

And I really absorb these lessons, I figure how can I apply this to what I'm doing, both in my music business, like my electric violin act, and for Fulltime Music Academy because I want to let more musicians know how they can market themselves to so I'm distilling these lessons and sharing them with my audience.

And you guys because you're, you're listening to this. And then. So that's like the practical business stuff. Or the alternative is mindset work. And so I have a couple of people that I tend to listen to, for mindset work, which if you guys don't listen to mindset stuff, like I tried to give you some of it here.

But I am not like a dedicated mindset coach, that is not really like my main focus. And I will admit, it took me a while to be sold on mindset work myself. You know, I was a stubborn musician.

I was like, Oh, I've got the right attitude, and I'm fine. But then you when when the times get really tough. Mindset is the difference, you'll find out if you really are fighting. And there were times where I was not.

And that's when I started listening to like Tony Robbins, and Brendon Burchard those are kind of the big two that I've been binging a lot lately to really work on who I am as a person, and how does my mind work? What am I attitudes towards things towards myself towards money?

And I work on that, because that gives you the mental resilience and the toughness to to keep going forward. And sure, you know, they're the two people I mentioned. They're not perfect. And I also you know, for the marketing stuff, I listened to a lot of Russell Brunson, he's got some marketing podcasts. And he's not perfect.

These people all have things I disagree with. But I'm able to overlook those things to get the gems and the gold nuggets out of it, that I can apply to my life and my my business. So I'm working on business training, and I'm working on mindset training every single day.

And then the other big secret is I actually have a group of accountability partners that every day, typically during weekdays, I check in with them. And we share what did we do yesterday? What are our goals for today, and what are we going to do to accomplish those goals.

So that's all part of my business coaching program. So we get accountability. And we also get a tons of training. So I do try this part I'm not as good about, but also, I think that's okay.

But they put tons of training videos out of how to do something with your marketing, whether that's, here's how to run Facebook ads, or here's how to write a sales letter that converts a visitor into somebody who's given you their information.

So we get tons of training videos, and I try to watch a couple of those a week. But those tend to be really long and really intensive. And the key to when you watch those kinds of videos, which by the way, if you're not watching training videos, once a week, like that is a problem, you got to be constantly sharpening yourself.

But the key to those is giving yourself time to execute on what you've learned. It's kind of like when you learn a lot from a, you know, a teacher who teaches you in private lessons, they teach you so many new things, and that you're just overwhelmed.

But then when you get to the practice from yourself, you don't actually put any of what they do into practice. And you just keep practicing with the same old habits, same old routines. And as a result, nothing changes for you.

So that is another key to how I get so much done is that I actually plan time to execute on the strategies that I've learned. And so that is something I do daily is, is execution time, at least I try to, that gets a little tough, because, you know, I do so many things, especially last week, we did another Fulltime Music Challenge.

And, you know, people think, Oh, it's just an hour a day. But no, it's not just an hour day. It is like an hour of prep time, where I'm working on my presentation, getting myself hyped up to do the presentation.

And then an hour a day for the challenge, where I'm delivering content, and then another hour for the VIP. So we're talking three extra hours a day for that. So it was a challenge to add time to do some execution during Challenge Week.

But that's okay, that was the most important thing for me to do that week. So making daily time to execute is important. In fact, I would say, executing on the challenge was the execution of the day.

So I plan three hours a day minimum of that. So yeah, that is kind of the strategy there. Which is one constantly, everyday work on yourself, both physically and mentally work on your skill set, and your mindset, have a group of accountability partners, learn real tactical concepts, and then make time to execute on those tactics.

And I know, sounds simple, but I understand every life is different. But if you can shift around your life to do that, then you will make more progress than you could possibly imagine.

So hope that was helpful to see, how do I do all that, and still stop working at the end of the day, and make time to hang out with with my wife. And hopefully, you can figure out some some ways to fit that into your schedule, too.

And I'd love to hear from you if you guys are actually implementing this stuff. It's I think one of the biggest things that holds musicians back is they're just so skeptical of trying things that are outside of the realm of, you know, here's something to do on your instrument. That's the they don't even try them.

And thus, they don't make any progress. They don't get any opportunities to play their instrument, because they simply don't try them. They think how that couldn't possibly work or, Oh, it's scary. That's a job for managers.

But, you know, do you have a manager right now? Do you? Do you have more gigs than you actually can handle? And if not, stop waiting for somebody else to do this for you. And start doing it yourself. I promise you.

The the other side is a lot of fun. A lot of music and you get paid very well for it. So thanks for listening to another episode of The Gigging Musician Podcast.

Remember, "You are just one gig away"!.

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