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Episode 202 - How To Get Everything You Deserve

Monday, November 06, 2023

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In this episode, Jared Judge delivers a powerful message about the importance of going all in to achieve your musical dreams. Drawing inspiration from marketing expert Alex Hormozi, Jared emphasizes the need to commit fully to your chosen path in the music industry. He breaks down the essential steps for successful cold outreach, demonstrating that persistence and an irresistible offer are key to winning over potential clients.

Best Quote

"You can have everything that you've ever dreamt of, in your music, in your life, in your bank account. If you go all in, in the things that you do."


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Hey, what's up gigging pros! It's Jared Judge, welcome to another episode of The Gigging Musician Podcast.

All right, I want to tell you, you can have everything that you've ever dreamt of, in your music, in your life, in your bank account.

If you go all in, in the things that you do, I'm sharing this partially to help one specific member of Fulltime Music Academy, who has been struggling a little bit with the things that we've been working on.

But also, because I think it will help everybody, especially in the pursuit of your dreams, right, like, we all have dreams, I don't know when it started for me.

But for many people, it started back when he first started learning your instrument, or you first heard your favorite musician play on their instrument. And you're like, I want to do that for a living.

You know, I don't want to do what I say everybody else do. And I want to do what my parents are doing to make money, I want to, I want to do that I want to play music for a living.

And maybe if you're retired, you know, this is your retirement gig, I want to spend the rest of my days playing music, and do it in a sustainable way that I'm not just, you know, going paycheck to paycheck off of whatever the government or your retirement plan gives you.

You want to make some good money doing it. And so you can have all that, right, and you should have all of that you deserve to have all of that.

Because I believe that playing music is one of the noblest things you can do, it's one of the best things you can do. It generally doesn't cause any political issues, it generally makes people happy.

Or, generally, it makes people go through the emotional turn journey that they need to go through and maybe lead you need to feel sad. And your music is the only thing that gets them there.

You can provide relief to somebody who's in pain that way. And so I believe that, but I don't believe that you're just gonna get it. I do not believe that it will just happen for you.

You guys know this, that's the tagline of this podcast, your music will not market itself. And so you'll struggle with that even if you go on a pursuit to make this happen for yourself.

So you identify, you know, corporate events as your go to market that you're going to make your living with. But you're going to struggle with that if you don't go all in on it. If you hold back, we've talked about pulling your punches here.

But I want to go in a different perspective with this. You know, I've been listening to a lot of Alex Horne mosey, who is like a marketing coach. He founded Jim launch, which is, you know, 10 figure, business.

And then he sold it, and then started And so he has this book, sorry about that dog. He has this book that I've been reading called $100 million leads, which is amazing, amazing book, super actionable.

And I love books that are actionable. I don't just like reading fluff. I like to read things that I could do, and see if they work firsthand.

And I'll tell you, I've been going all in on the stuff that Alex has been teaching lately, and seeing the results that he's gotten. So if like, you know, we're talking about earlier, say you decided you're going all in on corporate events.

Or say you're going all in on weddings, or you're going all in our nonprofit events as the way that you're gonna make your living as a musician.

What does that mean to go all in? It means that first you need to figure out a strategy, what does all in actually look like? And then you need to deploy that strategy to a tee. Right?

There is no room to be mediocre at this, there is no room to not do the things that the person teaching you suggests. And in my case, you know, I'm using Alex or Mozi as my teacher here, his tactics.

Specifically, I'm in the middle of the cold outreach chapter of $100 million leads. And it says like, say you're going for wedding planners. First, you got to build a giant list of wedding planners in your area.

Right, you got to find out who is in the space who are the players. And I will tell you, even in a populated city like Denver, there are not that many. The list of that just reached out to had about 92 wedding planners on it.

Corporations, there are a lot more but not all of them are corporate event planners, but are going to use wedding planners just because it's a little more recent for me.

And so there are only about 92 wedding planners here in Denver that I wanted to target. And so according to Alex or mosey first step is You got to find them, build your list.

And this means spending the time and the effort to actually build yourself a spreadsheet. Or however you want to keep track of it with their names, emails, phone numbers, websites, Facebook pages, Instagram pages, tick tock accounts, et cetera.

And then step two, is you got to reach out to them first for like, they're not going to reach out to you, you've got to reach out to them.

And Alex or Moses suggest reaching out via email first, because that's not where it ends, he actually breaks it down into problems that you have to solve. Like, they are three problems, I don't remember them off the top of my head, I don't have the book, right in front of me.

I think the first one is you got to know who you're reaching out to, which we've already solved. And then second step is you got to get them to respond to you. You got to get them to actually Converse back.

And so on the phone, this would look like them picking up and you're having a conversation. Now. So this is in the email, like if you're just cold emailing 92 people, I'll tell you, from my experience cold emailing 92 people yesterday, I think I only got like two responses, which is very low.

But you know, Alex prepared me for that, that you're going to get low responses when you start. And then that's where like, we're still solving problem number two, get them to respond to you.

Like do not move on to step three, to solve problem three, until you get them to respond to you. And he said, This is where like most people fail at this kind of cold outreach.

Because one, it's not personalized, meaning you're just sending a mass email to lots and lots of people. And they know that it's not personalized to them. And the second problem is that, well, you email them at a time that was not convenient for them.

Or they get so much spam in their inbox that they don't even read it anymore. Maybe they pawn it off on their assistant or something. And their system doesn't know who you are, they're not going to care about you.

So this is where he need to believe two things. One is that you have to believe that each of these leads on your list are real people. And Alex made a great analogy saying like, if you were to reach like, if you wanted to reach your mom, and she didn't pick up the phone, what would you do?

Like say you really needed to reach her with something important? Well, we just give up after the first phone call. Now, he'd probably switch to texting her, he'd probably if you still didn't reach her, you switch to DMing on Instagram.

If you still couldn't reach her, you'd probably resort to, I don't know, reaching out to your dad or something you her neighbor, say, Hey, is Mom Okay? And so the lesson there is like, don't just stop at one communication method.

That is where people tend to fail. And if you could switch to multiple communication methods, and really treat these people as people that you have to reach.

And if you do the second thing that I was about to share, which is you really have to believe that you're worth their time. Right?

Don't just give up don't go into this with the mindset that like, Hey, I'm just bothering these corporate event planners or these wedding planners with something that really does it, like I feel like I'm bothering them.

No, we gotta wait to cut that mindset out. We got to really feel like what I'm doing is providing them an invaluable service that is better than anything else that they could get.

That is the key to getting them the results that they want. Alright, these wedding planners, they really care about the events that they put on. They want them to be fantastic start to finish.

And I believe that I am the key to that. And I believe that in my area, I am the best option for them. Right? Of course, they could go and hire a DJ. But is that really the best option for them? I don't believe so.

Because a DJ is just so expected. It's so cookie cutter, that it's really going to not leave a lasting impression on their guests. So definitely live music. But then why are you uniquely qualified for that?

I knew that my service the electric violin with backing tracks is uniquely qualified. Because one, I play music that people love. But to I provide this exciting live performance aspect, where you know, I'm playing very musically.

I know I've gotten lots of feedback that the way that I play is just very A musical, it's exciting, it's dynamic. Its people enjoy listening to it, and provides that interesting fusion of like a classical style instrument playing Modern covers.

Also, my stage presence has gotten a lot better. And so I recently got a review from somebody, when I did a DJ fusion gig, I was playing along with a DJ.

They reviewed me on my Google business and now all my other platforms to just saying how how much I engaged their crowd on the dance floor. Like she, she actually said, it was like a master of it, which I thought was a huge compliment.

And so that now becomes part of why I'm uniquely qualified to do this, which is I'm engaging, if you're about to have a dance floor, that's failing, people would rather just go and drink at the bar rather than get on your Destler.

Well, I'm going to be the guy that rescues that I'm like Jon Taffer Bar Rescue, need to get your Dantzler resuscitated.

So that is your getting back to this, you have to believe one that you're talking to real humans and you know how to reach real humans and think about it like you have to reach your mind.

And two is that you're reaching out to them with something important, something that's going to save their day, it's going to make their job easier, that's going to help them make more money at their job.

And so that's solving problem number two, of Alex's three problems of cold outreach first was finding the people that reach out to, to was getting them to respond. And we solve that by doing a variety of communication methods.

And by believing so much in what we do that we follow up consistently and repeatedly until we get a hold of them, like be annoying in the most polite way. And then problem three is that once you get a hold of them, then you have to get them to say yes to you.

And Alex says the way to do that is by providing an irresistible offer. So this, this podcast is getting a little bit long, but I'll just go briefly on the irresistible offer. I've been making two wedding planners and actually hinted at it several podcast episodes ago, for these wedding planners that I'm reaching out to.

They don't know me, they don't like me, they don't trust me. I'm a newbie, they've been working with other musicians for years, possibly even decades. And so how do I Trojan horse my way into their world and get myself to be the go to, that they use for their events.

And that is by making an irresistible offer for the first time I play for them. I'm offering it to be free. And so is it a very bold strategy? And you'll probably be like, what you're gonna play for free? Isn't that against the hypothesis of this?

Well, we've chatted about that in this podcast before. I'm gonna make them an offer so irresistible that they have to say yes, I'm going to get a gig with these wedding planners years before I would have naturally and organically, which in turn gives me an opportunity to showcase all those cool things I talked about just before, which is my unique selling proposition.

Why am I the best option for their events, I'm going to show them that in a live situation with minimal risk, because they're not putting any money on the line. And it also makes them look like heroes to their clients.

Hey, I've got you free live entertainment. How cool am I? And so I'm going to do a great job. They're gonna be like, Heck, yeah, that was awesome. I gotta have you back at all my other weddings? Like Heck yeah, you do.

I designed it that way. So that is the strategy. That to me is what going all in on one strategy looks like cold outreach. And so yesterday, I emailed 92 wedding planners, I called about 30 of them.

So I've got 62 more to go in the next couple of days. And that's going to happen today and tomorrow. And from there, it's just a matter of repeating the process if I still don't reach them by phone, which, you know, not all of them answered their phone.

Partially because it was a federal holiday I'm sure that contributed to it might be. Then I'm going to switch communication methods.

I'm going to follow them and stalk them on Instagram and Facebook and TikTok, and submit the contact forms on their website show up at their places of work. Well, maybe not.

What's the but definitely, like, meet them at networking groups. Because you know, that's another strategy. That's another touch point, meeting people in person gets you results faster.

Alright, so that is going all in and I suggest you can have everything you want in your life by going all in on it. And you got to find the right strategy. Go all in on that strategy. There's no room for just dabbling, and be persistent.

Don't just try one thing and consider it doesn't work. And then just give up. Now you got to get to learn the rest of the strategy and then you gotta follow through on that strategy. Alright, that's all I got for you guys today.

By the way, if you want to go all in on corporate events, join me for my next corporate event-- Corporate Gig Challenge.

It is that Fulltime Music cha-- And we start soon so you better register and I'll see you there All right thanks for tuning in to another episode of The Gigging Musician Podcast

Remember, "Your music will not market itself!" Bye everybody.

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