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Episode 203 - What If I Don’t Believe In Myself

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

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Episode Recap

In this episode, Jared Judge explores the crucial aspect of self-belief when it comes to pursuing success in the music industry. He addresses the common question of whether musicians believe they are the best fit for certain events and the potential barriers that self-doubt can create. Jared emphasizes that self-awareness, a willingness to improve, and understanding the true needs of event planners are essential for building confidence in your musical act.

Best Quote

"The most important sale you ever have to make is to yourself, right? You must believe that what you're selling and offering is the best option for somebody."


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Hey, what's up gigging pros! It's Jared Judge, welcome to another episode of The Gigging Musician Podcast.

All right, this is a follow up to yesterday's podcast about going all in particular, a couple of questions about one of the strategies in the middle. The biggest question was, What if I don't believe that I am the best fit for somebody's event.

And this is more in terms of like, quality, like, what if I'm not a great enough musician, or good enough musician to play a corporate event.

And that will prevent you from going all in on any of these marketing strategies, and having the success that I know you deserve? Some, here's the thing. If you don't believe it, then they're not going to believe it.

And then none of this is going to work for you. And so I would suggest that you this is the most important work. In fact, this, I'm going to bring back grant cardones 10x rule.

If you guys have ever heard of Grant Cardone, he's like a big real estate sales guru. And he teaches people how to sell. And he says in his book, The most important sale you ever have to make is to yourself, right, you must believe that what you're selling and offering is the best option for somebody.

And if you don't believe it, it's not going to be effective for you. So you have to, I guess, like, let's let's dive into the psychology of this and why you might not believe you're white, why don't you believe that you're the best fit for somebody's event.

And first off, I would suggest eliminating the comparison trap. Don't compare yourself to other acts. Don't compare yourself to another musician or another group. This game is not between you and them.

This game is between you and yourself, you have to believe yourself that you are good enough for what they do. And so if it's not about others, right? Why just assume that it's so easy to stop comparing yourself but you got to work on that.

Don't compare yourself to others. Don't look at the Joneses and see what oh, they play songs that are right, fresh off the radio fresh off the the record press. And that could never compete with that, well don't try. That's not your niche.

If you're not learning those top 40 songs, you're not learning what's currently on the radio, then clearly, that's just that's not where you're going to have the most success because you're not as passionate about it.

So that ends the comparison thing. And this is all about you. What will make you the best fit for bass and why are you not there yet? If the answer truly is that the songs on your setlist just don't cut it? Well, then that's where the work is.

learning songs that you feel are more appropriate. But that kind of brings to the overall strategy is you have to identify where are your shortcomings. Back in grad school, I went to grad school at UW Milwaukee for orchestra conducting.

And I guess one of the big like themes of my experience, there was self awareness in a partially because I had to become more aware of myself and went for orchestra conducting.

And when you're conducting an orchestra, the things like you are a leader, you are responsible for the music making of 100 individuals or however big your your group is that you're conducting.

And in order to lead you have to be very self aware of what you're doing and your own shortcomings. And, you know, that is a hard thing to do. So self awareness is key.

And when it comes to being a good musician there you have to be willing to be open to critique and feedback. In fact, you always have to be critiquing and identifying your own shortcomings. That's kind of a constant process.

So this is the first step is like if you don't believe why not. Where are you lacking? Is it setlist? Well go and fix your setlist go learn some more songs. Is it technical prowess?

Well, partially go and fix that and go going to become a better musician. But the other half of it is realize that these events are not looking for technical prowess.

To be this is more important than learning to be the best musician is learning what these events actually need. I'd say most most musicians don't actually know what events are looking for.

They are comparing themselves to other musicians. They're falling into that trap of like the people listening to me or are musicians and they're gonna listen with the same years that I listened to and that's what they're judging me on and that's not true.

That's not what they need. They need entertainment, they need somebody who's going to provide the right ambiance for their event, they're going to need somebody who's going to manage the energy of the event, they're going to need somebody who provides a memorable backdrop as they walked down the aisle, they're gonna need somebody who can get the crowd dancing and interacting.

And almost none of those are directly related to musical prowess. It's a combination of a lot of things, but you might already be there. So first off, we also have to shed another false belief that musicianship is the gateway to these events.

musicianship is the thing that makes musicians stand apart. And in the in the arena of these corporate gigs, and private events and weddings, that's just not true.

So what are the other shortcomings that you feel that would make you the best option? Maybe you're lacking something unique in your musical act? Well, this can be created, this can be engineered, need to decide.

And, you know, one of the biggest things that I would suggest is getting back to reaching out to vent planners personally, treating them as humans. Well, guess what humans have opinions.

And they are happy to share them if we ask. So the next thing I would suggest is Ask, ask event planners for feedback. And you know, even if you've never worked with them before, you can reach out to them say, Hey, I'm a musician.

I'm new to the events industry. I'm trying to break in. I'm not really sure if my act is what you're looking for. Would you mind taking a look and providing me some feedback?

And then you could also ask them well, what have been some unique ideas that you find work really well for musicians? Or what do you like about the musicians you work with?

And so asking for feedback house, I will who will really help with this. And so I think that will wrap up the whole section on improving your acts to be worthy, so that you could believe that you were the best fit for these events.

And so that I forget where we're going with this. I wonder if I don't believe. So. Those were kind of the three steps. I've never really chatted about that publicly before.

So I'm just kind of spitballing as we go along here, but I hope you guys followed and tracked. I think I mentioned three things. I'm going to go back and listen to this episode and see what those three are.

But you must believe and if you don't believe that, how can you believe? Right?

What can you do to make yourself believe if it means learning new songs, learn new songs, if it means getting better at your art, get better at your art, if it means changing your mindset to realize like these events aren't about musicianship, which you know, don't suck, but you don't need to be the best musician in the city.

To do this, you do need to be one of the best entertainers, then shift your mindsets around that. And then if your marketing sucks, that is another big way musicians stand out is through their marketing.

So if you don't have marketing, for your musical act, 12, that is where the work is to. And so I can help with all of that. And that's where the Corporate Gig Challenge really comes into play.

And so I'll help you realize like these gigs don't necessarily need to go to the best musicians, they don't need to even go to people wearing suits and ties at corporate gigs. It's really just about being the best you can be and showcasing that, and really believing it.

So hope that helps. And let me know what you thought about this. You can email me Jared at book And yeah, if you're interested in getting some corporate gigs, join me in the upcoming Corporate Gig Challenge.

I'll show you In Five Days How To Book Your First Or Next Corporate Gig. I have someone who joined it.

The it's holiday season holiday booking season, and they booked a holiday party through the challenge and I'm just so proud of that and that's what we do.

So go to Grab your ticket before it's too late. They are free tickets. And then I'll see you in side the challenge. So thanks for tuning in to another episode of the Gigging Musician Podcast.

Remember, "Your music will not market itself!" Bye everybody.

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